Thursday, June 16, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's countdown to Birthday.

Sassy-Face will be 6 years old tomorrow. She's driving us all insane with her excitement. It's sweet...but not all day. We've bought the candy, ordered the cake and still need to get paper plates, cups, noise-makers and hats. I'm reasonably calm about the whole thing; I though I would be worried, but I'm not. What's the point, eh?

So, Saturday will be the big party. It's only two hours, it'll fly by and she'll feel like a princess to be the center of attention; which she desperately needs. She's been pretty good about sharing her attention and affections with Lumpy-Nut.

She's been behaving like gold this week, so if she can keep up the good work until bedtime tonight, I'll let her not be grounded for tomorrow. Being grounded on your sucky. I can't do that to her. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her to behave. good.

I'll post pictures later...

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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