Monday, June 13, 2005

And so it continues...

Sassy-Face has her birthday on Friday.

I had to ground her for a week this morning. She will therefore be grounded for her birthday. What did she do? She's wet the bed for the fourth time in a week. And before anyone tells me it's not her fault and it's normal for kids her age; this
IS her being lazy! 100%. She wants Mommy to change her sheets and give her a shower in the morning. I was nice and supportive the first two times, I was blank and non-communicative the middle two times, but this was just pushing the mark. I made her clean it all: She stripped her own bed, and gave herself a shower (I had an evil laugh when she shrieked about the cold water coming out first) and put all the wet sheets and soggy stuffed animals in the washing machine.

She was wetting about a year ago in the run up to the baby being born, and I understood she was stressed about the big changes to our family, but it was over by the time the Baby was 6 weeks old. Maybe she's having a regressive episode in the run up to growing older, I just don't know. I know it's temporary because she's been dry for almost a year; she's perfectly able to wake in the middle of the night to use the toilet. But this didn't earn her being grounded.

Two weeks ago it was raining and miserable for two days in a row and the Baby and I both had an awful case of cabin fever. I decided to meet Sassy-Face at the bus stop, rubber boots in hand and we would walk in the rain up to the wee shop and buy chocolate. We had a great time splashing in puddles and singing songs really loud in the deserted streets. Sassy-Face got herself a flip-pop. She couldn't eat all of it so we saved it in the fridge for later. The next morning she asked if she could take it to school. I said no; sugar makes her distributive in class so I limit how much she gets during school hours (I even pack her lunch.). She obviously disagreed, because she went into the fridge, took it out when I wasn't looking, and ate it at school. She would've gotten away with it too except she left the used plastic flipper in her lunchbox. I've told her I will not buy her candy for three months. That does not mean she cannot have candy for three months, just that I won't be giving her any.

Saturday, I was in the grocery store with the girls, and while at the checkout, I saw cola flavored Hubba Bubba. MMMmmmm my little voice inside said. I grabbed it and put it on the conveyer belt.

"Can I have a bit?"


"Why not?"

"Because I'm not giving you candy for three months. That doesn't mean I need to be punished from the odd sweet though."

"That's not fair."

"Hopefully, then, you won't sneak lollypops to school after I tell you you're not allowed."

Now, maybe that was mean of me, and she was right, not fair. I put the gum in my bag and forgot about it. I didn't even have a piece until 10pm after everyone, even Husband, had gone to bed.

So how surprised was I to find clumped up brown goo in the hair behind my daughter's ear this morning? A quick sniff revealed the truth: cola flavored gum. (*BING* just realised how it got there! In reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Violet Beauregard puts her manky gum behind her ear. GRRrrrrr!!) Out came the scissors and off came the clump of hair (And yes, I was completely mean and tried to brush it out first for about a minute just to show her how bad gum in the hair is.) I suppose she's lucky it was behind the ear and not right on top of her head.

So, that's why she's grounded.

I suppose I asked for it buying the frigging gum in the first place. I only wanted to blow bubbles while no one was looking. *Sigh*

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