Monday, May 23, 2005

Sock Dragon

Sock Dragon
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My daughter came home from school with a letter from her teacher about her new homework assignment. The kids have been having a lot of discussions about toys and games through history in an effort to show them that toys used to have some value, and kids often only had ONE toy, and it definitely never came from a happy meal. The assignment is for the kids to create a sock puppet.

I think this is a great assignment! Something I could help with in a less nagging way. A craft project we can do together, since socks come in pairs, you know. At the weekend I went to a craft shop and bought felt and buttons for eyes and red thread, fun furry/stringy yarn that could look like shaggy eyebrows and stuff. It was great! Sassy-face had said she wanted a red sock puppet (We decided to do Chinese Dragons) , so I also had to buy red socks. Wouldn't you know, they only pair of red socks I could find were Calvin Klein and cost me £9.00!! Posh Frickin sock puppet, eh?! (Will I be a total poseur if I leave the CK logo showing??)

Yesterday I pulled out the supplies and showed them to Sassy-face, she seemed interested, but then Scooby-doo came on and I lost her. So I figured I would start my puppet and then she would become more interested again. It's going to have heart shaped white spots and long pink shaggy eyebrows, and I stitched in some reptile-ish eyeridges. Pink whiskers and if I get some time I'll put on some claws, back scales and a tail. OH and a long forked tongue, of course. I got this far, and she said "Mommy, you're doing a great job on my puppet!!"

"Excuse me? Your Puppet? No. This is MY puppet. You have to make your own. I can't do your homework for you."

Tantrums and tiaras ensue...

"I can't do it, I don't know how!! You do it Mummy, You do it, you do it!!!"

I calmly repeated "I will show you how to do this. I will teach you to sew. You'll just have to pay attention." You'd think I was sentencing her to hard labor on the rock pile!

She's now Pouty-Face and I'm worried the next week will completely suck and I could go insane. When will I learn not to get my hopes up. Fucking optimistic streak. It's like the moment of learning there's no Santa over and over again. She will not like what you like because she is your daughter and a Gemini. You are cursed.

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