Thursday, May 19, 2005

Our Crow

Our Crow
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This wee fellow fledged back in February, but he has damaged wings and cannot fly very well. On a windy day we'll find him perched on our garage with his stumpy wings out like this and he'll hover for a few feet and then land again.

What a shame to be a bird who cannot fly. I've talked with our close friend who's an ornithologist and he says there's nothing that can be done for his wings. There's no bird sancuary that will take a crow because they're considered vermin and usually shot by the local farmers, so why bother with any rehab? He thinks the crow will grow into his wings...but I'm still waiting to see.

My neighbor and I take turns to feed him occasionally, and I'm trying to get him to come into my garden. I'm not expecting to tame him, but how cool to have a garden pet! We've named him Skippy as he hops everywhere. We thought about Stumpy, but then, thought not. He also delights in terrorizing the local cats.

I just want to teach him to talk. I think "Fuck off cat!!" or "My Yard!" or something nice like "Good Morning Gorgeous" or "You've lost weight!" would be a good place to start. "Pretty bird!" is pretty lame so I'll take suggestions...

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