Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Chef Fairy has visited me!

The Fairy of Fine Cuisine has visited me while I slept and sprinkled salt and pepper upon my wee head (which I was really annoyed about...crumbs in my bed!) and given me the gift of creating fine food! I have had lots of inspiration...maybe cosmic alignment of the planets?? I Dunno...the Family appreciate it whatever it is.

Yesterday I grilled thin strips of marinated pork loin on my chargrill pan, and fried up some onion and zucchini (far cooler word than courgette) with garlic in some olive oil and some basmati rice. This was the Baby's lunch of course...so I had to puree it all up into one yummy mush. It tasted so good, I made up a batch for myself, but I didn't puree mine, my teeth are still pretty good. It was soooo good, I went back to the grocery store to buy more pork loin chops, and made the whole shebang again for everyone for dinner! It was Fab!!

Yesterday I got a hankering for chargrilled veggie lasagna. I mentioned this last night, but the Husband groaned; "No....put meat in it. Lasagna has to have meat." ah yes. Poor Man. I know he has flashbacks to his teens when he was forced to eat mounds of ratatouille while his Mom was on Weight Watchers, and the thought of a ratatouille lasagne would be too much. But, I'm sure it would be okay. I hope so...I already made it. Chargrilled eggplant, zucchini, mushroom and onion mixed with sweet red pepper and tomato sauce, layered with fresh lasagna sheets and mozzarella cheese....lots of cheese. I'm also going to cook up a lamb joint later, so it'll be a mixed up meal tonight: Veggie lasagna with lamb and maybe some broccoli on the side.

I suppose I could also whip up an apple pie tonight...I have way too many apples. But no vanilla ice cream. I know if I made an apple pie...Husband would leap out of his seat and run to buy ice cream. I also fancy making some non-dairy chocolate muffins for the kids. They have allergies, especially the Baby, she can't have anything with cow's milk in it. Sassy-Face can have some, but I don't like her to have too much or her asthma kicks in.

okay...I must now vacuum up the crumbs the Baby just spit all over the floor from her raisin bagel. I love my vacuum..it's one of those types that you can see the dust and stuff flying around in the cylinder. Somewhat exciting. I can't wait to suck a bee up into it and watch it zip round and round and round. Like a big scary carnival ride. Hee Hee.

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