Sunday, May 15, 2005


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Sassy-Face went to the last school disco of the year yesterday. We were feeling a bit guilty after the last disco when we sent her dressed in fun casual (jeans ann a tee-shirt with a cheeky monkey on it), when what left the disco were pint-sized glamour models. We'd also forgotten to give her some coins to buy candy with and she had to rely on handouts from her pals. Bad Parents!

So this time Daddy decided to buy her a nice outfit for the dance. We expected sparkling trousers and a top with one of those knitted poncho things and Hubby went to several places to find something right. He ended up very confused, and unsure of what Sassy would like. He decided to take her along, and let her choose.

We went to the mall, and this was the first dress she ran to. A *DRESS*!!! My little tomboy; the girl who only two days ago told me she wanted her hair cut like the boys, who are all getting thier Summer wiffels (military cuts for those not from New England) I despair.

Look at this's beautiful!!! We had to talk her into he cardigan and she got wee white leather shoes with leather flowers on them. I bought the accesories and she thinks she's a fairy princess. She was on cloud nine.

The mall had a face painting stall where they did fancy air-brushed artwork, so we put down our £3.00 and got one to match her dress. Why not go the extra 100 miles? We were on a high, we couldn't belive our darling was going girlie.

We had some time for a small lunch at home before the dance started. We got her all dolled up and I had to take many pictures because I don't know if it was just full-moon madness or cosmic alignment of the planets or what, but I'm not passing up the chance to capture image this forever!

At the dance, the Mom of Sassy's best friend, didn't recognise her. Her teachers all were in shock: She was the talk of the dance! I had several folks tell me how beautiful she was.

Proud Mom, tears in eyes, heart swollen in chest.

I'm getting blown-up photo's taken and getting them framed for all the Fam.

Hope you all had a nice weekend too!

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