Monday, May 30, 2005

What Memorial Day means to me...

I don't remember much of what went on for Memorial Day as a kid. I'm sure there were Red, White and Blue flag type parades and songs of Americana, but these types of holidays all bleed into one another; Flag Day, Veteran's Day, Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day and then Forth of July (At least I'll always remember Fireworks as a kid, and being arrested as a teenager...) But Memorial Day has a very different memory for me.

At College I had attained "The Popular Girl" status, and as rights of the Popular Girl, I got to date The Popular Guy, and I had awesome Popular Friends. It was hard work being popular. I was also one of the few who did not take drugs and rarely drank. I was the Squeaky Clean Popular Girl...who smoked 2 packs a day of Marlboro Lights and drank enough coffee to vibrate to class instead of walk, But Memorial Day Weekend was my time to let it all go.

My friends and I would rent several cottages in New Hampshire on the shore of Lake Winnipesauki. We'd drive up in a long cortege (drag race) and just go wild. We would drink from the second the engines were turned off, Everyone was having tons of sex (no swapping), the bar-b-que was on constantly so the smell of charcoal and cooking meat always makes me think of this place. Then there was the skinny dipping.

May/June is not yet very warm in New England. The days may get up to the 80's and you can easily get a suntan(burn!) but the waters and beaches are not yet warm enough to enjoy without turning blue. Yet, every year for four years, I jumped into Lake Winnipesawki buck naked. I had sex in Lake Winnipesauke and I turned a creepy shade of blue there too. (Can we say Headlights with a capital H!!)

It was Bacchanalia. It felt like Freedom.

I may not be the Popular girl anymore, I'm not with the Popular Guy any more and I don't speak to any one of those Popular People I had so much fun with, but Memorial day is still a festive day for me, perhaps for very wrong reasons, but it sure does beat going around all the graveyards and laying flowers.

I chose to celebrate life, a life I'm able to live freely. With thanks.

I may jump naked into the Firth of Forth.

Grand Princess

Grand Princess
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Grand Princess

Grand Princess
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I woke up this morning to find a Princess liner on the Forth.

I wonder where the Lido Deck is?

It's so big it can't fit under the bridge, even at low tide.

If you're a bit of a boat nerd (Hi Maria!) then you can find it's stats HERE. (scroll down a bit or enjoy the Scottish info...whatever.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I don't get it...

I followed this quiz from Badger's page. I didn't hit the softball answer, and I didn't hit the "sir" answer. So I think it's a fix. I'm definately not a birkenstock lezzer.

You Are the Very Gay Peppermint Patty!

Softball is the huge tipoff here...
As well as a "best friend" who loves to call her "sir"

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Multiple choice quiz...

Is Jennifer Wilbanks a/an:

A.) Drama Queen of the highest order?

B.) Ungrateful Wench?

C.) Delusional Dimwit?

D.) Eostrogen Based Psychopath?

E.) Object of Pity?

Answer...All of the Above.

She earns the "Dope Slap of the Day" Award!!!


Monday, May 23, 2005

Sock Dragon

Sock Dragon
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My daughter came home from school with a letter from her teacher about her new homework assignment. The kids have been having a lot of discussions about toys and games through history in an effort to show them that toys used to have some value, and kids often only had ONE toy, and it definitely never came from a happy meal. The assignment is for the kids to create a sock puppet.

I think this is a great assignment! Something I could help with in a less nagging way. A craft project we can do together, since socks come in pairs, you know. At the weekend I went to a craft shop and bought felt and buttons for eyes and red thread, fun furry/stringy yarn that could look like shaggy eyebrows and stuff. It was great! Sassy-face had said she wanted a red sock puppet (We decided to do Chinese Dragons) , so I also had to buy red socks. Wouldn't you know, they only pair of red socks I could find were Calvin Klein and cost me £9.00!! Posh Frickin sock puppet, eh?! (Will I be a total poseur if I leave the CK logo showing??)

Yesterday I pulled out the supplies and showed them to Sassy-face, she seemed interested, but then Scooby-doo came on and I lost her. So I figured I would start my puppet and then she would become more interested again. It's going to have heart shaped white spots and long pink shaggy eyebrows, and I stitched in some reptile-ish eyeridges. Pink whiskers and if I get some time I'll put on some claws, back scales and a tail. OH and a long forked tongue, of course. I got this far, and she said "Mommy, you're doing a great job on my puppet!!"

"Excuse me? Your Puppet? No. This is MY puppet. You have to make your own. I can't do your homework for you."

Tantrums and tiaras ensue...

"I can't do it, I don't know how!! You do it Mummy, You do it, you do it!!!"

I calmly repeated "I will show you how to do this. I will teach you to sew. You'll just have to pay attention." You'd think I was sentencing her to hard labor on the rock pile!

She's now Pouty-Face and I'm worried the next week will completely suck and I could go insane. When will I learn not to get my hopes up. Fucking optimistic streak. It's like the moment of learning there's no Santa over and over again. She will not like what you like because she is your daughter and a Gemini. You are cursed.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Today's post in my other blog.

I'll be dealing with a crying, whining, moaning baby today as she's due to get her MMR shots. Please say a prayer for my sanity. I put some stuff on my other blog. It's where I've been for the past 24 hours or so...I forget.

Have a nice weekend.

damn, I need a beer....

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Our Crow

Our Crow
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This wee fellow fledged back in February, but he has damaged wings and cannot fly very well. On a windy day we'll find him perched on our garage with his stumpy wings out like this and he'll hover for a few feet and then land again.

What a shame to be a bird who cannot fly. I've talked with our close friend who's an ornithologist and he says there's nothing that can be done for his wings. There's no bird sancuary that will take a crow because they're considered vermin and usually shot by the local farmers, so why bother with any rehab? He thinks the crow will grow into his wings...but I'm still waiting to see.

My neighbor and I take turns to feed him occasionally, and I'm trying to get him to come into my garden. I'm not expecting to tame him, but how cool to have a garden pet! We've named him Skippy as he hops everywhere. We thought about Stumpy, but then, thought not. He also delights in terrorizing the local cats.

I just want to teach him to talk. I think "Fuck off cat!!" or "My Yard!" or something nice like "Good Morning Gorgeous" or "You've lost weight!" would be a good place to start. "Pretty bird!" is pretty lame so I'll take suggestions...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Fish in need...

Poor Maria over at A Fish in Japan is having trouble again with her Nasty Sister stalking her blog. she's making things really unbearbale for Maria; whose blog I love with all her pictures and stories of Japan.

I don't have the piss and bile of Candi to go and start a blog war. Candi!!!! where are you, you champion of the put upon Blogger?!?!?! I'm the Puss who goes and writes a formal complaint to Blogger instead...

Please help Maria and follow suit...send a complaint to blogger and get "The Beast" off Blogger!!!

People who behave like that shouldn't be allowed to play in the same playground.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Chef Fairy has visited me!

The Fairy of Fine Cuisine has visited me while I slept and sprinkled salt and pepper upon my wee head (which I was really annoyed about...crumbs in my bed!) and given me the gift of creating fine food! I have had lots of inspiration...maybe cosmic alignment of the planets?? I Dunno...the Family appreciate it whatever it is.

Yesterday I grilled thin strips of marinated pork loin on my chargrill pan, and fried up some onion and zucchini (far cooler word than courgette) with garlic in some olive oil and some basmati rice. This was the Baby's lunch of I had to puree it all up into one yummy mush. It tasted so good, I made up a batch for myself, but I didn't puree mine, my teeth are still pretty good. It was soooo good, I went back to the grocery store to buy more pork loin chops, and made the whole shebang again for everyone for dinner! It was Fab!!

Yesterday I got a hankering for chargrilled veggie lasagna. I mentioned this last night, but the Husband groaned; "No....put meat in it. Lasagna has to have meat." ah yes. Poor Man. I know he has flashbacks to his teens when he was forced to eat mounds of ratatouille while his Mom was on Weight Watchers, and the thought of a ratatouille lasagne would be too much. But, I'm sure it would be okay. I hope so...I already made it. Chargrilled eggplant, zucchini, mushroom and onion mixed with sweet red pepper and tomato sauce, layered with fresh lasagna sheets and mozzarella cheese....lots of cheese. I'm also going to cook up a lamb joint later, so it'll be a mixed up meal tonight: Veggie lasagna with lamb and maybe some broccoli on the side.

I suppose I could also whip up an apple pie tonight...I have way too many apples. But no vanilla ice cream. I know if I made an apple pie...Husband would leap out of his seat and run to buy ice cream. I also fancy making some non-dairy chocolate muffins for the kids. They have allergies, especially the Baby, she can't have anything with cow's milk in it. Sassy-Face can have some, but I don't like her to have too much or her asthma kicks in.

okay...I must now vacuum up the crumbs the Baby just spit all over the floor from her raisin bagel. I love my's one of those types that you can see the dust and stuff flying around in the cylinder. Somewhat exciting. I can't wait to suck a bee up into it and watch it zip round and round and round. Like a big scary carnival ride. Hee Hee.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


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Sassy-Face went to the last school disco of the year yesterday. We were feeling a bit guilty after the last disco when we sent her dressed in fun casual (jeans ann a tee-shirt with a cheeky monkey on it), when what left the disco were pint-sized glamour models. We'd also forgotten to give her some coins to buy candy with and she had to rely on handouts from her pals. Bad Parents!

So this time Daddy decided to buy her a nice outfit for the dance. We expected sparkling trousers and a top with one of those knitted poncho things and Hubby went to several places to find something right. He ended up very confused, and unsure of what Sassy would like. He decided to take her along, and let her choose.

We went to the mall, and this was the first dress she ran to. A *DRESS*!!! My little tomboy; the girl who only two days ago told me she wanted her hair cut like the boys, who are all getting thier Summer wiffels (military cuts for those not from New England) I despair.

Look at this's beautiful!!! We had to talk her into he cardigan and she got wee white leather shoes with leather flowers on them. I bought the accesories and she thinks she's a fairy princess. She was on cloud nine.

The mall had a face painting stall where they did fancy air-brushed artwork, so we put down our £3.00 and got one to match her dress. Why not go the extra 100 miles? We were on a high, we couldn't belive our darling was going girlie.

We had some time for a small lunch at home before the dance started. We got her all dolled up and I had to take many pictures because I don't know if it was just full-moon madness or cosmic alignment of the planets or what, but I'm not passing up the chance to capture image this forever!

At the dance, the Mom of Sassy's best friend, didn't recognise her. Her teachers all were in shock: She was the talk of the dance! I had several folks tell me how beautiful she was.

Proud Mom, tears in eyes, heart swollen in chest.

I'm getting blown-up photo's taken and getting them framed for all the Fam.

Hope you all had a nice weekend too!

*heavy sigh*

*heavy sigh*
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"It it time to go yet, Mommy?"


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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Manly Muffins

Manly Muffins
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If I have some bananas that have strted to go too brown, I will make banana muffins, or bread with them. Waste not want not right?

This was my first clue that the oven was on too hot. I'm still getting used to the silicone baking tray (They are awesome, and I highly recommend!!)

Anyways, I did promise to bake muffins for Blog Ho...this one's for you, Sweetie!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Girls!

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It's not easy to get a good picture of the Baby as she will either walk towards you to steal the camera, or she gets annoyed and makes faces like this one.

And who ever said little girls could only wear Barbie. Sassy-Face is on her third pair of Spiderman p.j.s, but I will draw the line at the ones with moulded pecks and 6-pack.

Birthday girl!!

Birthday girl!!
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The baby will be one on Friday the 13th. Usually when trying to take her picture, you'll see a part of my foot, as I use my feet to keep her away from grabbing the camera off me.

The Big girl!

The Big girl!
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I thought I would try and put on some pictures. I know many fgamily members peek in my blog, so Here's some recent photos of the girls.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Taking a Family Break...

I've just come home from spending two days in the hospital with the baby. She contracted a nasty stomach virus that was mimicking meningitis, right down to the red rash that doesn't blanche under a glass.

She is much better now though.

I'm going to take a week or two to help her recover, and keep my house in order. The eldest is feeling a bit neglected so my time is stretched.

I'll talk to you all soon!