Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sometimes, it's all too much...

I know I'm making a mountain out a molehill (ew, yuck; cheesy cliche) but I hate being the center of gossip when it's not even for anything interesting. I'm the overprotective Mom in the neighborhood.

My daughter has a curfew of 5pm on a school night. She is almost 6 years old, but not for 2 more months. The other kids in the neighborhood have a curfew of...whenever it gets dark.

yes. "Whenever it gets dark."

It gets dark at around 8:30pm here. There are a bunch of 5-10 year old kids running around the area from 3:30 until it gets dark. By June it will get dark at about 11:30pm. If any kid rings my doorbell asking if my daughter can come out to play after 7pm they're going to get hosed.

I'm also the mean Mommy. I don't let them come over to my house by the dozen to raid my fridge either. I have a two kid rule. Two friends over at any one time. Three children can trash a room efficiently enough, extra bodies are just unnecessary.

I've told my daughter that when she is 6, we'll move curfew to 6pm. Seems fair to me. My Husband has agreed. There it is.

"She's going to rebel against you really hard when she's a teenager if you don't give her some freedom..." I was told recently. uh-huh, but: SHE IS FIVE YEARS OLD!!! No five year old kid should be running around the town, unsupervised for five hours every night. It's not even like these kids play games or anything. They don't even play ball, I've never seen them kicking a ball around.

They have toy guns though. I Despise toy guns. One of the boys had his 6th birthday yesterday. I asked his Mom what he got for presents. He got a scooter, some action figures and "...about five toy guns." She didn't seem concerned by this.
He could start his own toy militia.
I decided my daughter would not be allowed to date this boy in future. He's headed for the clock tower for sure.

He's pecked, pigeon holed and pegged with my imaginary big red "X".

Access denied!

I am proud to be the overprotective Mom. I want to know where she is, whom she's with and when she'll be home. We recently bought her a wristwatch and taught her to tell time on it so there would be no excuse for coming home late. I'm teaching her responsibility. I'm showing her she's cared about and loved and that I want her around. I'm laying a strong foundation for the future.

I'll deal with her as teenager when the time comes.

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