Saturday, April 02, 2005


I'm still struggling with this cold. It's not a bad one, really, just made worse that the baby has one too. She keeps me up most nights so I'm sleep deprived and stuffed-up. And crabby. I took my frustrations out on my house.

When I'm annoyed, or really angry; I clean. I clean like I've been possessed by Mr. Clean...only a vicious and nasty Mr. Clean. When my Husband comes home to a clean house, he worries. When the daughter sees her room tidyed up, she gives me space. Family have learned to associate cleanliness with anxiety.
That means...we are all happier and relaxed with a somewhat messy house.
Which suits me just fine.
With no other idea as to what I should blog about, I thought I would post my bookmarks list. It's not that exciting, but you may find it neat...

  • The official Weird Al Website

  • The Scotsman Newspaper

  • The Boston Herald

  • Yahoo UK and Ireland

  • Welcome to EGG

  • Tesco's grocery store


  • The National Lottery



  • Digital Banking

  • BBC Get Writing


  • UK


  • Mugglenet

  • The Onion


  • Yahoo Groups Wundee

  • All Recipes

  • Masterfoods menu planner

  • The New Writer

  • Club Pogo


  • Lyvvie's Limelight

  • If I had known how much work that was going to be...I wouldn't have bothered. I knw it's not all that exciting a porn or geeky computer programming links (Note no SlashDot) and that's about it. I do have other links I like to visit every so often, like museum sites to view the art, but I usually feel guilty and then go visit a real museum.

    Today we are off have lunch and copious amounts of caffeine in Starbucks with our pal Colin and then...Hit the Mall!!!

    Have a nice weekend.

    I'm pissed off I forgot to say "Rabbits Rabbits" yesterday. Ah well, always next month.

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