Saturday, April 23, 2005

It wasn't like this in my day...

Actually, It still is my day. Prom night; a night of dreams! My prom was awesome, I went with my best friend as my date and it was the best thing I ever did. I did live in Hicksville MA so of course there were three pregnant bellies there, a snotty-assed bitch with a big Whitney Housten long curly wig on, and the head cheerleader was rumoured to have been given an eightball as a prom gift from her dealer uncle. What a laugh! Now that I think about it...all those big bellies will have 16 year olds right now. Fuck. I am old. Who told these kids it was okay to go running around like that? Oh! Sorry. Follow this for a clue... If I can get my prom picture scanned in, I'll post it. Don't laugh at my perm was 1989 after all. I chose this colour, because it's the same as my prom dress.

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