Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hooray for Paula Radcliffe!

I may have become used to seing men pull over to pee whenever the urge takes them, but it was nice to see a woman do it for good reason.

As a Mom, I'll have to say: "You should've gone before you left!"
As a Girl I'll have to say: "Gawd! Couldn't you find a Port-A-Loo"
As a Woman I'll have to say: "Absolutely fantastic! You did what you had to do, even though you were in the lead by over 5 minutes...christ, couldn't you find a Port-A-Loo? Nevermind..Hooray For You!"
As a Business-minded Freak I'll have to say: "You should sell those pee pants on eBay..."
As a Supportive Friend I'll have to say: "Paula. Depends. They'll never see you pee." or "At least it wasn't the runs..."
As someone who has been there I'll have to say: "You are Awesome."

No idea what I'm talking about? read this.

Paula Radcliffe has apologised for taking a toilet stop in the middle of her London Marathon win yesterday, saying it was an "embarrassing necessity".

But the very public pee by the side of the road did not stop the British athlete finishing more than five minutes ahead of second-placed Romanian Constantina Tomescu-Dita.

Radcliffe completed the 26-mile course in just two hours, 17 minutes and 42 seconds: the third-fastest ever and a new world record for a women's only race.

"When I'm racing I'm totally focused on winning the race and running as fast as possible," the British athlete told the BBC after what was her third London win and her fifth big city marathon victory.

"I was losing time because I was having stomach cramps and I thought 'I just need to go and I'll be fine'."

Although Radcliffe's brief stop at the 22-mile mark evoked memories of when she dropped out at the Athens Olympics last summer, the 30-year-old was not worried.

"This was just needing to go and once I had gone I was fine. I wasn't worried about it in terms of a repeat from Athens," she explained.

She added: "I want to apologise to the nation. I didn't really want to resort to that in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

"I started feeling it between 15 and 16 miles and probably carried on too long before stopping."

Radcliffe is now setting her sights on the World Athletics Championships in Helsinki in August, although she has yet to decide whether to focus on the marathon or the 10,000m.

"I would like to win both, so there is a difficult decision there," she added.

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