Friday, April 15, 2005


Mystery Solved!

My Big Brother, who lives in California and works for eBay USA and who used to be a carpenter, saw the planes listed on eBay UK and made arrangements with the seller to play a wee prank on me.

I was going to hand them in to the police in this morning too.

I'm tempted to sell them on eBay. Or put them in auction in Edinburgh. I'd split the profits; I'm fair.

Actually...Any of you want some antique wooden planes?

BB has e-mailed me. He said he read my blog, and is happy for me to sell the planes and donate the money to charity of my choice.

everybody: "Awwwwwww...."

I'm actually thinking of training the kids to do woodwork...will be a big help when we do the house extention. Won't be long before the Baby is able to drive a nail in three hits. I'll get the girls their own little tool belts and yellow hard hats. Steel toe-cap boots may be harder to find...I have some leftover Ikea nails and allan keys; I could melt those down and make my own steel toe-caps for them. That's the Martha Stewart thing to do. Of course being Scottish, they can already swear to bring a tear of pride to their Granny's eye. Baby can even spit...and she's shameless with showing her butt-crack. Actually we all are. Around here it's just crack crack crack all the time, although, I'm not a fan of those fancy g-string undies that most Crackettes (Like the Rockettes but with more bending and less kicking) like to wear. Hell, I just stopped wearing maternity briefs; they're just so gosh darned comfortable! Unfortunately since having the baby, and losing lots of weight, I had to pull them up to under my boobs to keep them up.

Wow...what the hell was that. Liquid center non sequitur. Say that 5 times fast.

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