Thursday, April 14, 2005


I got a very large and heavy package delivered to the house this morning. It was addressed to the baby. She is going to turn one next month so I assumed it was an early present. It had no details on the box, just that it was shipped from within the UK. No return address; nothing. I got a wee knife and began cutting through the miles of brown tape...thinking it could be a bomb; but unlikely. But it could be. Screw it.
I opened it and pulled through a thick layer of wadded up newspaper. I saw a wooden handle. I pulled it out, expecting a toy car or something, but it was a safety gauge.



I dig further. The box contains about 5 or 6 old fashioned heavy wooden planes. Not the fly in the air kind, but carpentry ones. Assorted sizes and the blades recently sharpened. The smell of old paint and turpentine is oddly familiar; my Dad was a carpenter. But these are antique, and quite excellent tools.

There's no note inside the box. I have no idea who has sent these...and why to my baby girl???

I have several carpenters in my family, but the newspaper in the box is from the UK, The Scunthorpe Telegraph, and dated March 11th, 2005.

I'm waiting for my Husband to return my call...just in case he bought something from Ebay and forgot to tell me...but again...Why ship it to the Baby?

How Fucking weird is that?!?

Update: Husband has no clue what this either. He didn't buy them on Ebay and has no need for carpentry planes. The Mystery continues...

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