Tuesday, April 12, 2005

11 Things that make me Proud...

As inspired by Amy Krouse Rosenthal's book "The Book of Eleven: A Itemized Collection of Brain Lint." I'm giving listmaking a try. I agree with the Eleven idea...there always seems to be one more thing when you've listed ten, and even though it's an odd number; which I dread, I'll tolerate it for now. I may want to change it to twelve someday soon. We'll have to wait and see.

11 Things that make me Proud:

1.) Ten years of marriage has been easy. We seem to be really good at it.

2.) At 33, I'm still excited about learning new things. What school turned into a chore, life has made fun.

3.) My kids are cool. They are stubborn, sassy and opinionated. They speak their minds. They love and trust me enough to tell me exactly what they think, even if it's to tell me "I hate you!" (Yes, that includes the baby, too. She may just cry and moan, but I know what she's thinking.)

4.) My garden is the best looking space in my home.

5.) I've learned to stop buying books all the time, and use the Library more. It's a really cool place.

6.) I'm an excellent cook, a natural. It's gastonomic chemistry. I like knowing I'm creating warm family memories that my kids may one day pass on to their kids. (And I always share recipes)

7.) I've kept a close friendship going since college despite having some minor personality disorders (That's me...not her). We only talk through the computer, and haven't seen each other in ten years, but it still feels like she's just across the hall. I love you Jill.

8.) My Dad and I were able to forgive each other for all the hard and horrible things we put each other through during my teens before he passed away. Forgiveness really does free the soul.

9.) I'm overcoming my fear of math and learning it again. Statistics used to give me palpatations, now I find relationships and anticipate outcomes and plot them out. In my head. It's like playing the Sims, But it's the Sums.

10.) I give to charity regularly. I can't give cash, but I donate: clothes, shoes, dishes, furniture, books, toys, gift boxes filled with treats and chocolates at holiday times. I give something to charity at least once a month. It's becoming my version of a monthly clear out and I'm no longer a pack rat.

11.) I can't play console games. I'm awful at just about all of them, which means that I don't waste hours of my life trying to be good at them. (I do, however, like to watch my Husband play them.)

There it is. Short and sweet but took me a while to come up with. I kept thinking about things I wish I could be proud of...you know, all those "Works in Progress". This has helped me appreciate the things I have; at least for today, and also shoved a few others into perspective that I have been ignoring for a while.

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