Monday, March 28, 2005

Things that make me go Grrrrrrrr!

It bugs me when I see my five year old walking past with a balled up piece of colored foil that used to contain the (large) chocolate Easter egg I told her she could only have a little piece of.

It bugs me further when her Dad, also eating chocolate, chuckles and says "What a wee tyke eh?"
and the finale is when I later find the balled up piece of foil in the baby's mouth because the five year old can't get it into the trashcan. Then the baby cries because I have to take her new favorite thing.

I swear that she said "Bad MaMa....Bad MaMa!!"
If I can get it taped on my phone I'll rig it so you can hear her and you tell me I'm hallucinating.


My daughter is on school vacation for two weeks. I figured if left to my daily routine,
by at least Wednesday she would have gone insane and annoyed the tits off me until I grounded her forever. To avoid this, I signed her up for "Activator Camp" up at the local sports center (Like a YMCA) where they run the kids ragged, let them paint and make messes, and just be crazy until I pick her up at half four in the afternoon. This cost me about £60.00 ($110.00) and she's been really excited about going. "Woo-Hoo!!" were her words to be exact.

This morning she actually tried to pull a sickie!! For Fun Camp!! What the hell is that all about??
Fear about the never bothered her before. Worried about the other kids not liking, she's something of a bully and would make kids like her. I think she just wants to stay home and play Sonic Adventure all day (AS IF!!) or watch her movies. She even faked a cough.

I'm such a hard Mum for making her kid go and have fun all day. I should be ashamed. *F-word*


I'm going to throw away all this chocolate and candy or what was the point of all those aerobics classes I embarrassed myself at recently?

ugh...the laundry is calling. BeepBeepBeepBeep. *sigh*

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