Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Things that make me go Ewww...

Dropped my daughter off at fun camp without too much hassle this morning (Daddy had a "talk" with her about her attitude...seems to have humbled her a bit.) and the baby is struggling with a cold. The baby also gave me her cold, so I'm struggling too. It's about a mile there and back so I was a bit scruffy when I got back to the house...needed a cup of tea.

I just went straight to the kitchen and began to boil water. The baby was left to crawl/walk about the floor and pull the local newspaper to pieces...I'm too tired to fight her about it, and I wasn't really going to read it anyway.
Cup of tea made, toast almost done when I notice a big green booger peeking out of the baby's nostril. Ugh...I hate snot. Really, really hate it. So I go and get a tissue...I stop...the baby has a wad of newspaper in her mouth...remove the newspaper and take the rest of the paper away from her...continue across the room for a tissue for snot nose...I turn around and see the baby's face all screwed up and about to let loose a very angry cry; she's been silently hostile and building up for the "BIG SCREAM" and I didn't notice.

All of a sudden, the big green booger inflates...deflates...inflates...deflates...inflates...deflates..and it's completely impervious to the scream. It just keeps going on like that. I was horrified and mesmerised.
nauseous, I go and wipe the offensive snot-bubble away...but it keeps coming. It's like a long snot-worm. Baby was screaming and pulling her head away, shaking her head no and just being very uncooperative. I was determined to rid her face of this hideous thing!

It took two tissues and a lot of energy to clear away that offensive thing (the booger...not the baby) and by that time the toast had popped and gone cold.
I just drank the tea. One look at the butter...all yellow and greasy...really put me off the idea of eating.

Aren't you glad I shared that?
WTF got all this coming soon.

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