Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Thief strikes again

Nicked this from Kitten With a Whip...

Time to catch up on my Q & As and My "you've Been Tagged " Thingys:

1.) Favorite childhood toy?
It's a toss up between my Barbie dolls or my roller skates. I loved my roller skates for a lot longer than my Barbies...Roller skates.

2.) Earliest memory-
I'm lying in my crib looking up at the cieling and I really like the little sparkles on it (It was very old fashioned plaster that had bits of local mica in it), when I told my mother about this, I knew the location of my crib and remembered a door being open on my right...she says I had to be about four months old.

3.) Childhood crush-
Danny Fenton, he was thirteen and I was eleven. He had dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes and was the nicest boy. He was never mean to me, even if I was a little squirt.

*warm fuzzy dream*

4.) Worst punishment ever-
I got an "F" on my report card and the whole family couldn't go to Disney Land for Summer holiday. I still get blamed for it twenty years later.

5.) Era of Music when you were 5-10 -
late Seventies early Eighties.

6.) Fashion at that time?

It was tight pants, cute tops, anything pink or purple. Jordache jeans and handbags, hot curlers on the sides of the face to get a Farrah Fawcett hair-do. Roller skates, roller skates, roller skates.

7.) Moment you felt on top of the world-
Just finished giving my college graduation speech to a crowd of four hundred people and they all stood up and cheered. (I was Student Government President graduated with honours, but did I get to Disney fucking Land for that..NO!)

8.) Best sexual experience-
With the man who broke my heart, in the hottest steamy shower. I was slightly sleepy and it was wonderful to have someone wash my hair and body and be very attentive.

9.) Worst sexual experience-

Besides the first would have to be at the end of the best time when the steam got to me; I fainted and fell out of the shower.

10.) Things that make you go hmmmmmm?
The way kids act with other kids and no parents are around. I often think I should start a business where I can videotape these kids being animals and show it to thier parents so they can get them sorted out!

11.) Most embarrassing moment-
When child number one was a newborn and the washing machine broke down. I had an appointment for an engineer to come and fix it. I thought I'd better get the baby fed before he showed up so I wouldn't have to breastfeed in front of him. I used a breastpump to express enough for a bottlefeed; and on the other breast I had this wee cup with a spout that collects any drips. I put the cup on upside-down and the milk on that side dripped out the cup and down my shirt. I didn't notice until just after I'd opened the door for the engineer that was giving him half a wet t-shirt show.

12.) Something that took your breath away-
Falling backards off the swing.

13.) Biggest source of love in your life-
My kids and my Husband.

14.) Saddest moment of your life-
Coping with the death of my father while all my family was 3000 miles away and I couldn't come home.

15. Something frome your past that you would change-
I would not have had sex in high school. High school boys are completely clueless.

16.) Are you happy now?
Most days.

17.) Who is your closest friend?
My Husband

18.) Who is your biggest enemy?
Myself...especially when I'm in pissy mood.

19.) What is your best quality as a person?
I can find the funny in most situations.

20.) Who will answer these questions first?
I did...didn't you just read them???

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