Sunday, March 06, 2005


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I was tired of the blonde thing as it wasn't really working for me...I'm too pink toned to carry it off...and I can't tan either...again I just turn more pink.

My Husband has always loved me with red hair (like it was when we first met) and when in the grocery store recently; he selected a red he thought would look good.

The color was supposed to be a dark cherry red, but as I was white blonde all ready, I'm now sporting a very punk rock fire red.

Little kids point at me now everywhere we go...and it's Great!

I love it!!


Victoria said...

Fantastic! I love it!

Maria said...

What energy that colour gives off. Fantastic!

Blog ho said...

I also love it. Dead sexy.

Safiyyah said...

Looks amazing!

Lyvvie said...

Thank you folks!

I'm surprized at the attention I get walking about...knowing Wives with a smile on thier face, Husbands looking confused, not sure at first if they like it or not..little kids pointing and covering thier mouths (No one's called me a clown yet).

My Husband's Grandmother said "I like it dear, it suits you, but I prefer it dark."

Mother-in-law says "Oh, you've been playing around again." (Ain't she a peach...I have scarlet hair...I'm not a scarlet woman).

Father-in-law said "Wow...that looks good." Which is extremely high praise from him and shocked me the most.

Husband wont stop looking at me "My wee punk wifey."

I was Mother's day here to all the Mommies: "Happy Mother's Day!!!"

to everyone still have a few weeks to go.

Kim said...

It's wonderful! I love it :)

Kitten said...

Oh, so rox!

I WISh I had the B's to do that...or mlack..with a white stripe as i secretly long to be goth. Your bee yoo tee full!!!!!

Riss said...

Lovin the red!!!

Shirazi said...

I was wondering how did you look befor the colour. As beautiful?

sCruuw said...

How did I miss this post? Wow Lyvvie You rock! I love it!