Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I've been busy...

I've not been able to blog much this week because of a very good reason...

The Baby is Walking!!



She's only 10 months old...what a wee champ. She was locking her knees and standing by 13 weeks old, freaking out the health visitor; "She shouldn't be able to do that yet..." So we figured she would be an early walker. you would think that with all this extra exercise she would be sleeping a lot better...but no. She still wakes every 3-4 hours, just to let me know she's still alive. Charming.

As a result of the new legs, everytime I get near the computer, she falls and adds a new bruise to her forehead. She's also figured out how to climb the stairs so, of course, I'm on High Panic Alert all day.

Blogger seems to be rationing my comments to 1 or 2 per very, very mean.

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Blog ho said...

The thing about walking is it changes...everything. it's so cute, though.