Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Fun Camp Update...

Well, she came home with chocolate all over face; devouring the rice krispie chocolate thingies they made at camp.

When I asked her what they did today she told about this amazing soccer game they played where she scored 100 goals!! And it was played outside, and she got to wear a red uniform. Once she even scored a goal by sliding in the grass and she got all covered in mud, but it was *SO* much fun! She didn't even use any of her super powers.

It rained all day yesterday...and she was completely devoid of mud, thank God. I did feel a bit cheated that I got a fabrication of a great day...so I really have no clue if she had fun or not. She says she did. She says she made a new friend named Rachel too.

She also tried to pull a sickie again this morning...she was too tired she claims. She was also really rude and nasty to me because I made her hard boiled eggs for breakfast...she said she wanted hard eggs, I just didn't realise she wanted chocolate ones. She was very disappointed.

While walking up to camp (in the rain again) she told me she hated me. I told her I didn't like her very much either. She then apologised and shuffled her feet up to the sports center.

I'm definately throwing away all the candy. She can just hate me for that too.

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