Monday, March 07, 2005


I have the nastiest habit of getting unbearably crap songs stuck in people's heads. I suffer from a condition that my unconscious mind torments me constantly with hits from Abba, Neil Diamond, Tiny Tim, Pet Shop Boys and a wide assortment of Weird Al. I cannot control myself and sing out loud, dance and repeat until I'm screaming in my head for mercy.

Now, don't get me wrong, I hold a very special place in my heart for Weird Al...I was even in his fan club for most of my teens until college poverty and a diet of ramen noodles cut my ties with Al. It's just that, other folks don't appreciate him the way I do.

So...I must insist on the link being followed so that you may share in my current insanity and dance with me...sing with me...and be angry with me.

Angry Whiteboy Polka


mcgibfried said...

i wasn't aware that weird al had a fan club, or fans for that matter... but i like that song... just hope it doesn't get stuck in my knoggin as well.

Victoria said...

No! I refuse! I hate getting songs stuck in my head.
And Ramen noodles? Yes. And it continues..

sCruuw said...

Lyvvie! That was so funny omg...A bunch of my faves in there..disturbed, limp kizkit...oh that was too fun I might watch it a few more times!!!!

Lyvvie said...

Mc ~ If it doesn't I'll be hugely suprised.

Victoria ~ DoIT!! You know you cannot'll *like* it.

sCruuw ~ It's amazing how all those songs still work even when polka-ed. I want the Miami Vice disco guy on my desktop..just let him boogie all day long.

sCruuw said...

visiting this post again today to hear it!