Sunday, March 13, 2005

Conversation with my Husband...

(Getting a cuddle in the kitchen...while I leech heat from the oven...)

"Give me a kiss."

"No've not had a shave."


"I'm not into torture."

"A little kiss then."

" have red hair in your beard. You have a ginger beard."

"Shut up; I do not!"

"Do so. You have a ginger beard like that famous guy."

"Which famous guy?"

"You know, the wee famous guy from Crieff."

"Wee famous guy from Crieff with a Ginger beard...You mean Ewan McGreggor?"

"That's the one. Like him."

"I look like Obi-Wan Kenobi...thanks."

He walks away...I'm still warming my bum on the door of the oven.

I Just want to say, I'm not ignoring people, I'm just not able to post comments right now...Blogger be damned! But I'm enjoying everything I see. Hopefully be talking to you soon! Have a nice weekend!


sCruuw said...

I got on your comments but it took a while... Ewan MacGregor is a hottie~!

sCruuw said...

Lyvvie, I just saw your red hair post! I have no idea how I missed it! I love it~ You are gorgous by the way!

Lyvvie said...

Awww...Thanks C, you're a peach!

My Husband has given me a "No." to the "Can I post your pictue on my blog? Acually, I'm not even supposed to talk about him...he's shy.

Kitten said...

LMAO....and Ewan is HOT. SO YOU are lucky!!!!

Bennet said...

THEY ARE PUNKS! After blogger finally fix this crap, what will we get out of it?...NOTHING?!...NAH-DAH!..
Less pop up ads?...NOOOOO...
I believe they want us to suffer, then demand money...I will not pay to blog!!!!