Tuesday, February 15, 2005

We have new pets.

Husband woke early yesterday morning and did whatever it is he does in the mornings (I'm not allowed in the bathroom when he's in there, it's a no share zone) and he kissed us all goodbye (As soon as he gets up both the girls come into the big bed with me, sapping the last of Daddy's warmth from the mattress and blankets) and went off to work.

We got up soon after and went downstairs to find some wrapped presents on the sofa waiting for us. Daddy had bought all of us a Valentines gift, Ain't he sweet.
Alice got some Peek-A-Blocks which she immediately began to chew and slobber on to break them in. Emily and I both began to unwrap our gifts. We each got a Tamagotchi! Mine is purple with pink bubbles, and Emily's is pink and see through so you can see the battery and stuff inside. Our pets are both boys (must be funny boys living in pink and purple houses no?) and we've named them Sammy and Bubba. They have infrared connections so they can jump into each other's house to play, they give gifts to each other (My one is quite naughty and keeps giving poops as presents...which he must be disciplined for!) And, they can breed! how I have yet to witness this, and they are both boys, but evidently, if your pet doesn't breed, a wee old lady "matchmaker" comes on the screen and finds a mate for your pet. They then have babies...it's all so weird!

The only bummer is that all Tamagotchi are banned from school. Well, no that's not the bummer, the bummer bit is that I have to babysit Emily's one all day, and hand it back to her when I pick her up from school.

I'm still wondering what Tamagotchi sex is gonna look like...and really, should my five year old be witnessing it?


Kim said...

OMG! I remember those things... DD couldn't play with hers in school and it kept dying... I didn't know how to take care of it, she was crushed... best of luck with your new family members :)

sCruuw said...

My kids had those, giga pets..and furbies...fun! the furbies are especially strange! Especially when they talk in the middle of the night!

Blog ho said...

Tamagotchi sex!! That sounds kinda creepy, yet I'm fascinated I must admit.

Mere Existence said...

Now I want one... seriously. I love having little things to obsess over throughout the day, and checking my email inbox every 30 seconds to find it still empty is becoming an annoying hobby.