Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Things that make me go Grrrrrrrr!

I like to trawl through the blogs when I have a few minutes of quiet "me" time. I keep hoping to come across another diamond in the rough. It's how I found Kimdergarten and Candi.

It really annoys me when folks make their own fancy schmancy blog pages...well not really they are nice to look at, but make me feel inferior with my Blogger Basic, but why do these folks have to remove the "next blog" button??? It's so freaking inconvenient to have to back page and then go forward again. And what's with these little pop up windows saying "I luv U" and "Cum again, I cry til u do" which you have to close before you progress. I really hate hate hate those!!! It seems to be all those Asian "4EverGirls" who are perpetually nine years old and try to be sexy at the same time. Tres perverted...I certainly wouldn't want a man who got off on women pretending to be a child. *Creeepy Shiver*

OK...I think I have that out of my system...

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