Monday, February 28, 2005

It's a Dare.

Chili Knob.

Knob Chili.

Hot Pockets.

Hot Rocks.

Pop Rocks.


Kim said...

Ok Lyvvie. I read this after just two cups of coffee, came back again and read after my 5th cup, went to lunch and came back and read it again and I still don't get it! Help?

Lyvvie said...

Like I said, It's a dare.

My husband thinks blogs are great, but people will comment on any old thing just to see thier name attached to it. He said even if I just wrote the words "Knob chili" (Knob being slang for penis here) that people would respond. I told him folks would only reply to something intellegent, knob chili was stupid.

See..and it's been ignored for nearly 12 hours. Took you 5 cups of coffee.

I think I've proved my point. Thanks!

sCruuw said...