Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm going BonKeRs!!

This being a Mommy stuff is so HHhhhaaaarrrdDDDDD (whiny, whingy voice). The baby is driving me to eat cake (I can't drink much due to breastfeeding) because she keeps screeching and screaming and having mini tantrums where the spittle drips down her chin to the floor, her face turns purple and there's long silences that erupt in ear splitting wails.

I know it's because her second front tooth is cutting in, and I know it's got to be hurting her, but I'm seriously considering sending her to daycare to get a break. Let her be someone else's earache for a few hours. We got to one point on Saturday where it was 5pm, and she was crying again, but I couldn't give her anymore painkillers because she'd maxed out her dosage for 24 hours. That was a hell night where she woke every two hours, full volume scream.

The only time she was joyful was when I let her sit on the floor of the shower while I let the shower massage pound the tension in my neck. I would've stayed in the shower for hours if I could, she loved every second of it. But, as soon as it was over, the crying started again.

The poop is horrible. We've been blessed so far with having pretty bland smelling poop, but this week it's been
Toxic Diaper Death. Not only does it smell bad, but it gets's like it's alive and spreads up her back, up her belly and even down the legs a couple times. It makes the thought of going out anywhere unbearable..."What if she poops??" I whisper, not wanting to jinx the sphincter.

The final insult: I felt she was getting way too upset, so I tried some recommended "skin to skin" contact the books all say calm an anxious baby. I got topless, she got topless and I held her close in my arms, her head near my heart. She told me in her own way she wanted to breastfeed, I though great, she can't cry and drink at the same time, She opened her mouth and BIT ME!

The crying then continued.


Morphess said...'s bloody hard I know, and you're NOT going bonkers! I remember using some homeopathic crystal stuff on mine with some success.

Have you got any friends in the same boat? You could take turns to have both children, potential nightmare I know but think of when it's your turn to have a few hours off!

Kitten said...

Thats a great off. I still do that with a friend who has 3 helps.

I have been missing the baby stage alot lately....maybe I should thank my lucky stars, eh?

Good Luck, Lyvvie....hope u get some well deserved rest.

Blog ho said...

oh, how i smiled and laughed at that last line. bit me. Very nice.

sCruuw said...

OMG Lyvvie that is the funniest thing I read all day! I know it's hell been there...anf Blog Ho tooo!!!

We are vets...we are grinning that it's you and not us right now! Chin up! You will survive!

Day care sounds like a good idea..mine always screamed during prime-time 7 to 11 pm!

Lyvvie said...

Thank you all!!

It's very hard as I have no family here of my own, and my Husband's family are always very busy...have to diary date visits and things a week or two in advance. So I get a bit Flummoxed.

I keep saying "This too, shall pass." over and over.

As to the last sentence...I leave it up to you to decide who was crying...

maverick said...
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