Monday, February 07, 2005

I discovered a "Man secret"

I woke up nice and early on Sunday morning rearing to go. It was beautiful and sunny and almost warm, about 46 degrees and my job that morning was to wash and detail the car. I'm sure plenty of folks groan at the thought, but I love washing the car, it's great fun. Warm soapy water over red gloss paint that shimmers in the sunlight, the clean smell of turtle wax, soapy bubbles casting a thousand rainbows in my driveway, and no kids...I decided it was too cold for them to join in, so they watched television with their Dad.

I washed the car on Friday, but we had run out of wax, so I had to wash it again on Sunday after buying more supplies. Two coats of wax on the whole car...and I would've done a third but it started to rain. I put silicone on all the trims, paying extra attention to the rubber bits because they need a little more attention than the plastic bits; the car looked hot, well, as hot as a '96 Saab 9000 can do.

What I have found is this: Turtle wax in a spray bottle makes your fingernails really really strong! I never got this with the wipe on, wipe off stuff because your nails don't come in contact as much, but the spray on stuff...whole new experience!! I'm going to incorporate this into my regular manicures. Apply, buff and freakin easy!

I can only assume that this is why if a man clips his fingernails, you nearly lose an eye on the ricochet...they've known the secret of the Turtle Wax Hand Job for years...but now I share this with all women.

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sCruuw said...

That is so funny Lyvvie! Now we all know the secret!