Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Aha! And Oh No!

It seems that on Monday when I took the baby to her playgroup (really only the Moms play with the toys, the kids just drool and grin obligingly) she must have sucked on some germ ridden toy and caught a cold. She has a fever of 101.2, but she still smiles and wants to play. Good note though, I got five hours of sleep last night; Wey Hey!!

I was feeling pretty good this morning, so I hopped into the shower for a scrub and polish with some pretty scented soap from Crabtree and Evelyn. The water was hot, the room was steamy and I grabbed up my plastic net scrubby puff thing and worked up a great big patchouli scented lather. A quick look at the baby monitor showed all was still quiet so I scrubbed again and washed my hair. Rinsed off and turned off the water. As I was putting away the net puff thing I noticed a black hair in it. I tried to pull it out but it just broke. I tried to pull it out again and it broke again. I looked closer and realized, to my horror, that it wasn't a black hair, but the corpse of a black spider. I had just been pulling off its legs. EEWww!!!
I then realized I had just washed my whole body with this bug. EEewwww!!!

I threw the puff away, and jumped right back into the shower. The baby was starting to wake but she was just going to have to wait a few more minutes while I washed away any residual spider guts from my person.

I still feel dirty.


Kim said...

ROFLMAO! I'd still be in there scrubbing!

Blog ho said...

maybe you'll turn into spiderman. or spider woman. is the baby teething?

sCruuw said...

LOL..Why do spiders like bathtubs? Last year I was terrorized by this little bastard that lived under my sink! He would come running out at me and mock me everytime their was no possible way I could get up off the toilet! That little fucker! I repeatedly sprayed him with hairspray as I sat on the porcelin throne, in hopes his legs would stiffen up like the tin man after a rain storm. This doesn't work so don't bother trying it! He did this everytime my bowels moved.. Until one day I was in the shower, and that is the worse place ever to see a spider! I blasted that hairy bastard with scawlding hot water and washed him down the drain with thousands of gallons of know I didn't want him coming back to life and climbing back outta the pipe!...i hate em

Lyvvie said...

Thanks Kim...I think the steam buggy did the trick. Have a nice vacation!!

Blog Ho - Oh gross, now I've got to look for bug bites. And yes, she's just cut her top front teeth...I've got the bruised nipples to prove it.

Candi - That sounds like a psycho bug! Our spiders are about the size of a small mouse and you can hear thier little legs tapping across the hardwood floor, but rather benign and lazy. I was just worried if was going to rain all day; superstitious and all that. If I can catch one on film I'll post it...just to freak folks out.

Blog ho said...

when my babies teethed they had fevers. every time. it was a feverish time.

Wyatt Junker said...

Ah yes. Teething, fevers and the let's not forget the acid shits. Poor little red rectums, having to coat 'em with Crisco or some such shit.