Monday, January 10, 2005

This is supposed to be the place for me to whitter on about things that cross my mind. It may get full quickly as I have a brain that doesn't turn off and often tortures me with lunacy, in a fun way. I'll be able to sort out my family history which begins with a distant grandfather being run out of Scotland "Or We'll hang you!" which is interesting. I can also write about the incredible and imaginative stuff my two kids come up with, that will definitely fill some time. And I can make updates for my novel, insert my spontaneous invention ideas-which I have lots but no drive, education or money to create (some require engineering I have no interest in).

So. Who knows where this may take me. I can dish on my Family and not suffer the stares of being "She who tells" and have a wall to splatter my grey matter against occasionally, see if any interesting patters emerge.

I can't figure out the spell check yet with the pop-up blocker, sorry for the errors.


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