Monday, January 10, 2005

Generation X has disappeared.

Is it a myth that Thirty year olds exist? Have you seen any recently? The theory is that they all work holed up in offices somewhere glued to computers and living off whatever sugar coated or cheese flavored snack comes out of the vending machine. They are caffeine addicts, having fallen for the lure of Starbucks in their twenties to keep awake for the all night parties. The women who aren't working may be at home with small children, or only go out to drop older ones off at school. I'm told there's a flurry of Thirty somethings in the grocery stores from about 9:30 in the morning, then disappear again. Ghost-like.

Many Thirty-something have bought homes that they pay off in monthly installments, yet never live in. They have cars that they live in, and may also be paying off (or it's an old heap that reminds them of their first car, their first backseat, their first road trip). Debt seems to be a norm for them; mortgage, car payments, credit cards, loans etc. They were the youth of the Eighties where a constant flow of eliteism and wealth was easily yours with education and enthusiasm. In trying to attain that, they've got the bank manager on speed dial.

A Thirty year old is in a second puberty. Starting to get too old to go to clubs as others are late teens calling you the "Crusty" and laughing. Yet too young to enjoy full financial freedom. They discover they are tired, too tired to stay up all night watching crap on telly because they have to be up early. Children are young and full of exhaustive energy that make us feel older than we are. For the first time they start to understand what their parents must have gone through, so rather than rebelling against them, they grow closer to them. They become people; people who worked hard to make their kids happy or in some cases tried to cope with the hell dished out as best they could.

Not for public viewing, is that how they feel? A few pounds heavier now as the sofa becomes more comfortable and who has energy for dancing or cruising around all night? Cosmetics are targeted to women and men to help them not show their age and manage the wrinkles that are starting o creep in around the eyes. Since when has Thirty become old? Friends was cancelled as they all toppled into Thirtyhood; although realistically the actors were already all in their Thirties. There used to be a show called Thirty-something that not many current thirty year olds will have seen; what answers does it hold today?

It just seems the world is forever in ownership of those far older than those hard working Thirties and being enjoyed by those far younger. When will the Thirties have their day? It's the Vanishing of Generation X.

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